List of Cases

Name City State Country Technology
A J Bush & Sons Meat Rendering Facility Beaudesert Queensland AU digester to electricity and heat (co-gen)
AA Dairy Candor NY USA Biogas
ABEC Bidart-Old River LLC Bakersfield CA USA Biogas
ABEC Bidart-Stockdale LLC Bakersfield CA USA Biogas
ABEC New Hope LLC Galt CA USA Biogas
AgPower Double A Dairy Digester Jerome ID USA Biogas
AgriReNew, Sievers Family Farms New Liberty IA USA Biogas
Agway Research Farm Tully NY USA Biogas
Allen Farms/Titan 55 Oshkosh WI USA Biogas
Alliance Dairy Trenton FL USA Biogas
Alternative Farming Center Mountain City TN USA Geothermal, Solar
Amana Farms, Inc. Amana IA USA Biogas
Apex Pork Rio IL USA Biogas
AQUACULTURE Farms Mindoro Philippines Geothermal, Solar
AquaTerRen (BioSynEnergy LLC) (not mentioned) Delaware United States solar, wind, geothermal, waste-to-energy (gasification methods), anaerobic digestion, hydrogen (non-electrolysis method) and natural/biogas/landfill gas
Aurora Ridge Aurora NY USA Biogas
Bach Digester, LLC Dorchester WI USA Biogas
Bach Digester, LLC II Dorchester WI USA Biogas
Baldwin Dairy Baldwin WI USA Biogas
Ballard Hog Farm Benson UT USA Biogas