Wagner Farms


Anaerobic Digester at Wagner Farms

Anaerobic Digester at Wagner Farms (credit: Clair Hessmer)

Wagner Farms is a 350-cow dairy in Poestenkill, NY. In 2011, the farm decided to install an anaerobic digester in order to reduce odor emissions and because they believe dairies are going to transition to anaerobic digestion as a typical manure management strategy. The farm expects to save on bedding and electricity costs, and to eventually achieve an income source from the digester, as well as to sell the resulting solids and electricity.


Compared with other on-farm digesters in NY State, one unique feature of the one at Wagner Farms is its in-vessel H2S reduction system consisting of a series of untreated Hemlock telephone poles laid horizontally on the top of the digester head space, which provides a medium for biological H2S reduction.

IFES Number: 51

City: Poestenkill

State: NY

Country: USA

Type of Firm: Farm

Main Products: Dairy

Size of Firm: 350 milking cows; 750 acres

Technology: Biogas

Year Installed: 2010

Energy Feedstock: 6,300 gallons per day of cow manure; food waste

Energy Uses: Electricity

New co-products: Bedding

TCO2 Eq Avoided: 1,092 CO2E/yr

Website: http://www.manuremanagement.cornell.edu/Pages/General_Docs/Case_Studies/Wagner_case%20study_revision_1_(1).pdf