Roach Dairy Farm


Digester at Roach Dairy

Digester at Roach Dairy (credit: / SkanBantam)

Roach Dairy Farm’s current location was bought in 1982 with only 70 cows. In 2010, the farm decided to install a complete mix digester system for several reasons, one of which was to reduce odor emissions from some fields when manure was land-applied. Additionally, they believe that it is soon going to become mainstream for dairies to transition to anaerobic digestion as a manure management strategy. The farm expects to save on bedding and electricity costs, and to position the digester as an income source for the farm. The farm plans to sell electricity from the digester system.


IFES Number: 56

City: Scipio Center

State: NY

Country: USA

Type of Firm: Farm

Main Products: Dairy; bedding

Size of Firm: 1450 milking cows; 1300 owned acres

Ownership Type: Private

Technology: Biogas

Energy System Components: Anaerobic digester

Operational Status: Operational

Year Installed: 2010

Energy Feedstock: Manure from 2950 cows; 14,000 gallons of whey/week

Energy Produced: Biogas production: 113,230 cu_ft/day

Energy Uses: Electricity

Fossil Energy Inputs Replaced: 5,000-10,000 gallons of fuel oil/year

New co-products: Bedding

TCO2 Eq Avoided: 3,210 CO2E/yr