Lawnhurst Farm


Lawnhurst Dairy


Lawnhurst Farm is a fourth generation farm that was started in 1925. In 2012, the farm looked into adding a complete mix digester to the operation with the primary intent of reducing odor, producing bedding, producing electricity, and capturing/reusing engine heat.


The digester was commissioned in 2013 after having taken 1.5 years to build. It is a German model that requires extensive monitoring and is more complex technologically than models from other digester companies. It was the first of its kind in the United States, though globally there are more of this model running than any other type– which is largely why the farm settled on it.


Lawnhurst Farm net-meters the electricity they produce from their 540 kW GenSet. They are able to heat all their hot water for dairy (2,000 gallons/day), and because the German digester system is known for its low H2S, they are able to get by without a biogas cleanup system (i.e. scrubber). The farm is saving $200,000 per year on bedding costs in addition to selling 25 tons per week of solids as a fertilizer replacement. Needless to say, so far Lawnhurst Farm has achieved all of their primary digester-related goals!


IFES Number: 62

City: Stanley

State: NY

Country: USA

Type of Firm: Farm

Main Products: Dairy; Bedding

Size of Firm: 1425 milking cows; 2200 total acres

Ownership Type: Private

Technology: Biogas

Energy System Components: Anaerobic digester

Operational Status: Operational

Year Installed: 2012

Energy Feedstock: Manure from 1,700 cows; Dairy processing waste (25,000 gallons/wk of whey); Process water (5,000 gallons/wk)

Energy Produced: Biogas production: 182,400 cu_ft/day; Electricity: 13,000 kWh/day

Energy Uses: Electricity

Fossil Energy Inputs Replaced: 10,000 gallons of fuel/year

New co-products: Bedding

Money Saved: $200,000/yr on bedding

TCO2 Eq Avoided: 5,286 CO2E/yr