Bernie Faber Dairy (CalGon Dairy)


In 2001, Bernie Faber Dairy (CalGon Dairy) teamed with Portland General Electric to construct an above ground complete mix digester to reduce odor and greenhouse gas emissions. The digester uses manure scraped from the barns into a concrete tank, which is then pumped into the digester. Biogas is collected and used to fuel a generator that produces electricity. Electricity is fed to the power grid and recovered engine heat is used to maintain the digester temperature. Digester effluent is separated into solid and liquid fractions. Liquids are piped to a lagoon where they are stored and later used to fertilize the cropland. Solids are stockpiled for a few days each week before they are collected by a company that composts them with yard waste.

Thanks to the digester, Bernie Faber Dairy benefits from:

• Odor Reduction

• Electricity Production

• Reduced phosphorus content in manure applied to the cropland

A few other facts about the farm and digester:

• Population Feeding Digester: 350
• Baseline System: Storage Lagoon
• Digester Type: Complete Mix
• System Designer: Portland General Electric • Biogas Use: Cogeneration

• Generating Capacity: 100 kW

IFES Number: 392

City: Salem

State: OR

Country: USA

Type of Firm: farm

Main Products: Dairy

Size of Firm: Farm Scale

Technology: Biogas

Year Installed: 2002

Energy Uses: Cogeneration

Methane Emissions Reductions: 350