AquaTerRen (BioSynEnergy LLC)


AquaTerRen (BioSynEnergy LLC) designs, builds, and operates “controlled environment” (closed-loop) facilities powered partially or completely by renewable energy for intensive, year-round production of premium quality fish, certified organic green produce, vegetables, micro-algae and valuable co-products for soil-based farming from production “wastes” (liquid organic fertilizer and biochar).


IFES Number: 123

City: (not mentioned)

State: Delaware

Country: United States

Main Products: biofuel and bio-diesel from algae

Technology: solar, wind, geothermal, waste-to-energy (gasification methods), anaerobic digestion, hydrogen (non-electrolysis method) and natural/biogas/landfill gas

Energy System Components: AD

Energy Feedstock: fish, produce, algae, energy