Amana Farms, Inc.


Amana Farms, Inc.

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As one of Iowa largest contiguous farms, the Amana Farms is made up of 26,000 acres with award-winning crop fields, a 2,400 cow/calf herd, a 4,000 head cattle feed lot, an anaerobic digester and Iowa’s largest privately held forest. Amana Farms likes to think it innovates technologically, committed to improving their farming equipment and advancing the knowledge base of their employees. The Amana people go far back in terms of raising cattle, sheep, hogs, and a variety of crops. Today, the Amana Farms continues to bring forth its tradition by producing crops that include food-grade white corn and non-GMO soy beans.

IFES Number: 192

City: Amana

State: IA

Country: USA

Main Products: Beef

Size of Firm: Farm Scale

Technology: Biogas

Operational Status: Operational

Year Installed: 2008

Energy Produced: Biogas generation: 1,848,700 cu_ft/day

Energy Uses: Cogeneration

TCO2 Eq Avoided: 15,602 metric tons CO2E/yr