AgriReNew, Sievers Family Farms


AgriReNew, Sievers Family Farms

AgriReNew, Sievers Family Farms (credit: American Biogas Project)

AgriReNew, Sievers Family Farms was founded in 1873. In 2012, they expanded their beef feedlot capacity to 2400 head with the construction of cutting-edge cattle barns, and subsequently renewable energy systems in 2013. The project represented a means for the fifth-generation farm to increase the sustainability aspects of its business. The farm teamed with OWS and Specialty Concrete Construction to design, build, and commission two 85ft complete mix digesters, digestate processing system, as well as a Caterpillar 3516A+ 1000kW CHP unit.

IFES Number: 191

City: New Liberty

State: IA

Country: USA

Type of Firm: farm

Main Products: Beef

Size of Firm: Farm Scale

Technology: Biogas

Operational Status: Operational

Year Installed: 2011

Energy Feedstock: Beef manure both bedded pack and scraped alley manure plus ground corn cobs

Energy Produced: Biogas produced: 425,392 cu_ft/day

Energy Uses: Electricity

New co-products: bedding and compost; liquid fertilizer

TCO2 Eq Avoided: 15,413 metric tons CO2E/yr