AgPower Double A Dairy Digester


AgPower Double A Dairy Digester

AgPower Double A Dairy Digester (credit: Ashley Smith, Times-News)

 Double A Dairy’s digester has a 20-year sales agreement with Idaho Power for the energy it produces. The digester processes cow manure and converts it into fertilizer, all the while with the capacity to produce up to 4.5 megawatts of energy. Double A Dairy received a grant that is part of USDA’s rural energy program, whose goal is to provide guaranteed loans and grants to small farms and businesses who utilize renewable energy systems.

IFES Number: 196

City: Jerome

State: ID

Country: USA

Type of Firm: Farm

Main Products: Dairy

Size of Firm: Farm Scale

Technology: Biogas

Energy System Components: AD

Operational Status: Operational

Year Installed: 2011

Energy Feedstock: manure from up to 15,000 cows; Ag residues; Beverage & distillery waste; Dairy processing waste; Fats, oils & grease; Fats, oils & grease; Food waste; Slaughterhouse waste; Process water

Energy Uses: Electricity; co-digestion

TCO2 Eq Avoided: 120,920 metric tons CO2E/yr