AA Dairy


(credit: http://www.candornychamber.org/agriculture.html)

AA Dairy is a 600-cow dairy on 2,200 acres of land in Candor, New York, which started its operations in the summer of 1993. Shortly after its founding, locals began to complain about the farm’s odor, and thus, the decision was made to construct an anaerobic digester, which was commissioned in June of 1998. The digester generates compost from post-digested separated solids or irrigation liquid from the separated liquid effluent and sold to local buyers under the name “Field of Dreams Compost.”

IFES Number: 43

City: Candor

State: NY

Country: USA

Type of Firm: Farm

Main Products: milk, meat, and compost

Ownership Type: private

Technology: Biogas

Website: http://www.manuremanagement.cornell.edu/Pages/General_Docs/Case_Studies/AA_Case_Study.pdf