A J Bush & Sons Meat Rendering Facility


Quantum Power’s A J Bush & Sons in Beaudesert, Queensland received a $1.2 upgrade aimed at maximizing its biogas resources. Included in the upgrade are four new 250 kilowatt Deutz biogas generators with the capacity to generate one megawatt of energy, which would take advantage of onsite biogas resources and therefore displace 23,000 tonnes of CO2E direct emissions. The upgrade is also expected to reduce A J Bush’s grid electricity consumption and the associated carbon emissions by 35%.

AJ Bush Rendering Facility

AJ Bush Rendering Facility (credit: wiley.com)



IFES Number: 108

City: Beaudesert

State: Queensland

Country: AU

Type of Firm: meat processing plant

Main Products: red meat and poultry by-products

Technology: digester to electricity and heat (co-gen)

Energy Feedstock: meat by-products

Website: http://www.quantumpower.com.au/core/uploads/2013/09/Rendering-plant-Queensland.pdf

Outputs: high quality protein meals; electricity used onsite, heat

Reason for Closing: Ceased dairy operation